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The net worth of the character Agent 47 at the end of the game "Hitman 3" is at least a few million dollars, assuming that he is the best hitman in the International Contract Agency (ICA) and does not live in luxury.

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They collect information about sightings and events involving the number 47, and encourage people to explore the meaning behind them. By providing resources such as searchable archives, links of interest, image galleries, and mailing lists.

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The website also includes information about the association between the number 47 and various things, such as Pomona College and Star Trek. The 47 Society also has a mailing list that was created in 1994 as a forum for sharing sightings and mysterious occurrences involving the number 47. The purpose of the group is to have fun while simultaneously exploring the philosophical depths (if any) of this phenomenon.

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various products or topics related to "47" or "47S" that appear on various websites. Most of the sites you mentioned are product sales or technical information about specific products such as stereos, metal chargers, home appliances, and scientific research on cell biology.

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